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Solid State Disk Rigid Flexiable FPC
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Product: Views:376Solid State Disk Rigid Flexiable FPC 
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Description of products:

High - speed server hard disk, high - density interconnect flexible PCB.In order to ensure the matching of signal and impedance, through testing of various materials and optimization of process, each product guarantees good electrical performance and IPC quality requirements.

A solid-state hard disk, referred to as a solid disk, and a hard disk made of a solid-state electronic storage chip array for a solid-state hard disk, is composed of a control unit and a storage unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). The specifications and definitions, functions and usage methods of the SSD are exactly the same as those of the ordinary hard disk. The shape and size of the SSD are also identical to those of the ordinary hard disk. It is widely used in military, vehicle, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and many other fields.

The chip's operating temperature range is very wide, commercial products (0 ~ 70 ° C) industrial products (-40 ~ 85 ° C). Although the cost is high, it is gradually spreading to the DIY market. Since SSD technology is different from traditional hard disk technology, many emerging memory vendors have emerged. Manufacturers only need to buy NAND memory, and with the appropriate control chip, they can manufacture solid state drives. The new generation of solid state drives generally use SATA-2 interface, SATA-3 interface, SAS interface, MSATA interface, PCI-E interface, NGFF interface, CFast interface and SFF-8639 interface.

There are two types of storage media for SSDs. One is to use flash memory (FLASH chip) as the storage medium, and the other is to use DRAM as the storage medium.

Based on flash memory: Flash-based solid state drive (IDEFLASH DISK, Serial ATA Flash Disk): The FLASH chip is used as the storage medium, which is also called SSD. Its appearance can be made into a variety of appearances, such as: notebook hard drive, micro hard drive, memory card, U disk and other styles. The biggest advantage of this SSD solid state drive is that it can be moved, and the data protection is not controlled by the power supply. It can adapt to various environments and is suitable for individual users. Generally, the number of times of erasing is generally about 3, 000 times. Taking the commonly used 64G as an example, under the balanced writing mechanism of SSD, the total amount of rewritable data is 64G X 3000 = 192000G, if you are a metamorphosis video king like to download every day. After the video is downloaded, if you download 100G every day, the available days are 192000 / 100 = 1920, which is 1920 / 366 = 5.25 years. If you just write the data that ordinary users write every day is much lower than 10G, take 10G to calculate, you can use 52.5 years without interruption, and if you use 128G SSD, you can use 104 years without interruption! What is the concept? Like the ordinary hard disk HDD, it can theoretically read and write indefinitely.






4L FPC + 10L PCB





Hole copper


Aspect ratio


Impedance Tolerance


The company is always technology-oriented and provides cutting-edge services and high-end Multilayer PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex, Anylayer and Backboard products for the world. In 2012, the company has possessed the capacity of 2-100l Rigid Flex, 2-20l MLFPC, 12L Anylayer FPC in engineering production technology.

The company always provides services for the development of the global electronic industry with its leading products and technologies. Its products cover a variety of fields, including high-speed railway, medical care, aerospace, communications, industrial control, etc, providing the source and impetus for the development of the global electronic industry.

The company has 80 engineers and technicians with rich industry experience and expertise, and provides customers with professional and timely engineering technical consulting and engineering data processing services;

Core values: unity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win, guided by cutting-edge technologies;

Objective direction: oriented by cutting-edge technology, providing customers with the best products and services;

C-flex people have been working hard to adhere to core values, be oriented by cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the advance and development of the global electronics industry.

In the process of quality control, the company invested a lot of quality testing instruments and equipment to ensure process and shipment quality requirements.

The company has passed a number of international standards certification, covering the industry's systematic management requirements.

Create first - class quality, first - class service, first - class timeliness and finally achieve first - class manufacturing.

In order to ensure that the products meet the requirements of 5G Internet of things, our company provides the raw materials for well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, such as panasonic, dupont, ISOLA, NELCO, ROGERS, SY, ITEQ, Arisawa, Tatsuta, Innox, Taiyo, DOW, Arlon, Taconic, Taiflex, SK, Doosan.There is the different of material, such as Epoxy resin, Teflon, Metal base, LCP, Ceramic, Polyimide.

Products used in many fields, Communication industry, Automotive industry, Medical

electronics, Industrial automatic, Aerospace field, Military filed of radar of senser, Astronomical of senser. The many fields of high frequence connector.

Complete laboratory construction to provide accurate testing of quality process and products.

C-Flex circuit LTD

Provides you with the best PCB manufacturing and service.

Web: www.rigid-flex-pcb.com

Professional engineering technology and product consultation service

4 hours quotation service

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Focus on developing sample board and batch production